April 5

Ocean Bound Plastic Certification

One of the most pressing environmental matters today is the accumulation of plastics in the oceans. The ecological, biological, environmental and economic damage that is the result of this is profound and organizations are aiming to stop the problem before it starts by intercepting ocean-bound plastic before it ever makes its way into the ocean.

Ocean Plastics

What is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Ocean bound plastic is discarded plastic materials that are located in an area that gives it a high probability of ending up in a waterway that leads to the ocean or directly into the ocean itself. Plastics that are discarded in close proximity to streams, rivers or shorelines are all considered ocean-bound plastic. 

Zero Plastic Oceans breaks down ocean-bound plastic (OBP) into 4 distinct categories: 

  1. Waterways OBP 

Uncollected and discarded plastics within 650 feet (200 meters) or inside of rivers

  1. Shoreline OBP

Uncollected and discarded plastics that are within 650 feet (200 meters) of a shore

  1. Potential OBP

Discarded and uncollected plastics located within 50km of a coastline

  1. Fishing Material

Improperly discarded plastic fishing waste and nets

What is the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification?

The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification Program was created by Zero Plastic Oceans in an effort to address the challenge presented by plastic ocean pollution. This certification aims to remove the plastic from the environment before it reaches the ocean by assigning value to the proper collection, treatment and recycling of these plastics.

Why is the Ocean Bound Certification Valuable?

Consumers and companies are aware of the devastating effects of plastic ocean pollution and are changing their buying habits accordingly. The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification bolsters and validates your claims that your products are made of ocean-bound plastics and that your actions are in line with your stated environmental goals.

The Ocean Bound Plastics Certification Program allows you to signal to environmentally conscious consumers and companies that your products are making a positive impact on the environment, giving you access to that high value market. You will also be creating a net positive effect on the lives of those involved in the processing and collection of ocean-bound plastics all while neutralizing your own plastic footprint.

    Ocean Bound Plastic Certification is a valuable tool for recyclers, collection organizers, plastic producers and users and organizations interested in the reduction and offsetting of their plastic footprint.

How Can You Be Certified?

To be certified for the Ocean Bound Plastics Certification, all plastics that are recycled must have been collected from a verified waterway, which creates the potential for that plastic to become ocean-bound. That plastic must be traced back to that verified source and then throughout the whole supply chain. 

IDFL is a leader in the certification of products and materials and can provide certifications for:

  • OBP Collection Organization Standard
  • OBP Recycling Organization Standard
  • OBP Neutralization Services Provider Standard
  • OBP Plastic Producers and Users Standard

Reach out to IDFL today at audits@idfl.com and see how IDFL audits can lead to you earning the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification.

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