Downproofness - International Rotating Box

Brief Test Description
(Adapted from obsolete FTMS 191-5530)

  1. Description of Test Apparatus

    The tumbler is a 45.5 centimeter plastic box with door on one side. A motor rotates the box at a speed of 48 ± 2 revolutions per minute. Twenty-four No. 6.5 solid silicone stoppers are used in the box.
  2. Sample Pillow Specifications

    Finished Size of Test Pillow: 20cmX30cm

    Seam Style:
 “SSe” (from ASTM D6193). Also known as a “French seam.”
    Stitch Length:
 Approx. 5 stitches/cm

    Stitch Style: “Type 301” (from ASTM D6193)
    Needle Size:

    Mass of Fill Material: 
35 grams
    Mixture of Fill Material: 
Specified by customer
  3. Testing Sample Pillow
    1. Clean test pillow is placed in clean tumbler box.
    2. Box rotates for 30 minutes.
    3. All fibers, feathers and clusters are collected from surface of pillow, tumbler box and silicone stoppers.
    4. Collected material is evaluated and counted.
  4. Reporting of Results

    The numerical rating (see Chart 1) is based upon the amount of fibers, down, and/or feathers that escaped or are protruding through the fabric after the 30 minute tumbling period. Note: only fibers > 4 mm are counted.

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