April 14

IDFL News | CEO Message of Hope

Message of Hope

Dear friends,

Our world has quickly become very fragile. We reach out to those who are so deeply affected by the coronavirus outbreak. We especially worry about our friends in many European countries, in New York City and in China’s Hubei province.

Much of the world is celebrating Easter and Passover. This is a season of great hope and light. It is also a time of prayer and solemn meditation.

The global leader of my church, Russell Nelson, is a physician and heart surgeon. Dr. Nelson has called for fasting and prayer to invite divine intervention. I invite people of all faiths to join me in this simple appeal to Deity.

I also believe in the extraordinary collective human ability to solve problems. Combining my spiritual faith and my confidence in society I have a tremendous feeling of hope for the future.

Let us work together to make our families, our companies, our communities and nations stronger and more resilient.


Wilf Lieber, CEO

Please email me personally at wilf@idfl.com for questions or comments.

IDFL Office Status Update

IDFL continues to keep our offices open by following all government rules and strict IDFL policies for health & safety.

  • IDFL China continues to operate our test lab and audit office at full capacity.
  • IDFL Vietnam has staff who live in our building – so we can remain open.
  • IDFL Taipei is fully open. Testing and audit work have doubled from last year.
  • IDFL Salt Lake has two mirrored teams allowing staff to work alone in each room.
  • IDFL Europe alternates staff workdays to minimize personal contact.

Featured Services

  • We continue to offer all normal services in testing, inspections and audits for the bedding and outerwear industries.
  • IDFL offers virtual visits with our staff as well as webinars on a variety of topics.
  • Client demand is increasing for polyester fiber testing and recycled material verification through testing and auditing.

The Future of Bedding & Outerwear

IDFL believes that both bedding and outerwear will do better than other sectors in the economy. We predict steady or increased demand after the coronavirus outbreak peaks.

Let's Work Together