We Guarantee Quality

IDFL tests finished products, textiles, natural filling, and synthetic filling materials. All samples are double tested to ensure accuracy results.
IDFL is an accredited auditing and certifying body for major textile standards including GRS, OCS, RDS, DOWNPASS, RCS, RWS, IDS, and J-TAS.
IDFL performs product QC inspections, sample collections, sterilization inspections, bale locking and tamper prevention container monitoring.

The scope and depth of knowledge and experience at IDFL has allowed me to seamlessly work with 58 different countries and their different standards...

- Randall Collis, Kamyk Daunen

About Us

Guaranteeing quality throughout the world since 1978

We are a family-run company with offices around the world. Our testing laboratories can test every aspect of filled textiles from natural and synthetic filling materials to finished products.

IDFL also provides audits and certifications for many standards, making IDFL the ideal partner for fast, cost effective certifications.

Quality, Sourcing, Verification for top companies worldwide.

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