Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a sample for testing?

To submit a sample for testing, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the sample submittal form.
  2. Fill out the submittal form.
  3. Send the submittal form and your sample to IDFL. See the IDFL directory for office information.

    • We recommend sending a physical submittal form, to help prevent any delays in testing.
    • You can also send your submittal form via email. 
  4. Contact IDFL if you have any questions or concerns.
General information about sending samples for testing can be found below or you can download individual sample submittal forms for more detailed information.

What is the turnaround time for testing?

Our Normal testing service is 8-10 business days for most tests. Expedited testing is available for the majority of services by selecting one of the following rush Services. The available rush services and additional cost are shown below on the following schedule:

  • 5-Day Rush: 30%
  • 3-Day Rush: 50%
  • 2-Day Rush: 70%
  • 1-Day Rush: 80%
  • Same-day Rush: 100%

Same-day rush service may not be available for all tests, but in some cases preliminary results may be available. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional details on same-day rush service.

For specific questions about turnaround time for testing, contact an IDFL. See our company directory for contact information.

How much sample material do I need to send for testing?

The sample size required for testing varies depending on the sample type and tests that are requested. Exact requirements can be found on our sample submittal forms, but general guidelines for sample size are as follows:

  • Bulk Fill Material: Send at least 200g in a cloth, plastic or paper bag.
  • Finished Product: Send the entire product. IDFL will perform testing on a representative sample of the entire filling.
  • Fabric: Send at least 2 square meters of fabric.

What are the custom requirements for sending samples to the USA?

For instruction on sending samples to the USA, view our customs requirements page.

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