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IDFL China is located in the middle of China's self-proclaimed "Down Town" in the Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the capital and most populated city of Zhejiang and is known for many things such as its West Lake being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a city well-known for its commercial industries and scientific research, and its excellent nightlife that remains attractive to both natives and visitors alike.

Among its many industries including automobiles and auto parts, precision machinery, medical food, garments, and chemical building materials, the Xiaoshan District is well-known for its thriving textiles industry.

Of course, Hangzhou as a whole is no stranger to being a hub for visitors and commercial industries. For thousands of years, the city was a main stop on the Silk Road that connected Eastern and Western traders. This tradition has carried over today as approximately 75% of the world's down originates in China and thousands of textile factories are within driving distance of IDFL's office.

IDFL has many offices all over the world and is proud to be able to serve Hangzhou and China as a whole by providing expert service. Our team of credentialed professionals is here to assist you with any needs you may have. Our long list of services includes everything from textile testing, synthetic fills testing, natural fills testing, down and feather testing, and more.

With attention to detail coupled with friendly assistance, we’re able to offer customers in China fast, accurate testing, and inspection services right in the heart of China's textile industry. We invite you to visit IDFL China and take a tour of our lab to see why we’re consistently rated as a premium choice among consumers.

If there are any samples you would like to have tested, you can also fill out one of our sample submittal forms available in both English and Chinese and one of our staff members would be happy to get in contact with you.

IDFL China

Tonghui Mid-Road 688
Jinlu Yinzuo Building 1 Floor 5
Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311200
Main Office/Lab
Tel: +86 400 8777 168 (Press 3 for Testing)
Fax: 0571-8232 6175
Skype: idfl.china
Email: (Main/Lab)

Audits & Certification Department
Tel: +86 400 8777 168 (Press 1)


金鹭银座1幢5楼 311200
Tel:  +86 400 8777 168
Fax: 0571-8232 6175
Skype: idfl.china
邮箱地址: (实验室)
郵箱地址: (审核认证部门)


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