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IDFL offers a wide range of auditing and testing services. Select a category below to learn more.

Textile Testing

IDFL performs all major textile tests including downproof, air permeability, thread count, tensile strength, tearing strength, fiber composition, dyes, APEOs and formaldehyde.

Polyester Fills Testing

IDFL performs all major polyester fill material and finished product tests including fiber identification, cross-section analysis, cleanliness, net fill weight and insulation value.

Natural Fill Testing

IDFL performs all major tests on natural fill materials and finished products including fiber identification, cleanliness, net fill weight and insulation value.

Down & Feather Testing

IDFL performs all major down and feather tests including component, species, fill power, fat and oil, oxygen, turbidity and odor.

Audits & Certifications

IDFL provides certifications for many standards to verify supplier traceability systems and that materials are sourced ethically.

Sterilization Permits

IDFL offers a comprehensive sterilization permit program as well as Secondhand Disinfection Permits for Pennsylvania and other states.

Collection & Inspection

IDFL offers on-site collection and inspection services at manufacturing and production facilities

Healthy Down & Filling

IDFL provides Healthy Down and Filling testing to verify your material is hypoallergenic.

Training & Consulting

IDFL offers introductory and advanced training and consulting for both managers and laboratory staff.

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