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IDFL Europe is located in Frauenfeld, in the heart of Switzerland. Frauenfeld is the capital of the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland and the official language spoken is German. Among its many attractions, Frauenfeld is most notably known for being a small, lively town brimming with tons of historical sites including a medieval castle armed with an impressive tower that’s perfect for taking pictures in front of. 

Despite its relatively small population size of around 26,000 people, Frauenfeld has a low unemployment rate and among its commercial businesses, there’s a great textile industry that includes IDFL.

Because of Frauenfeld’s central location, an IDFL Europe representative can be anywhere in Europe within a few hours and are easy to connect with regarding textiles in Europe. This standard of excellence allows our clients to have quick and easy access to all of IDFL's many services.

With a commitment to providing top-notch service, IDFL is an EDFA-certified laboratory and a member of the EDFA Technical Committee. IDFL Europe is also an IDFB-certified laboratory and is accredited as an ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Laboratory. Our European office is equipped to verify all European down and feather products meet European labeling standards and our bevy of services include testing a variety of different textiles in Europe. Our services range from textile testing, natural fills testing, synthetic fills testing, down and feather testing, sample collection, audits and certifications, and more. 

Our team of professionals has numerous years of experience working with textiles in Europe and is well-equipped to handle a variety of demands. With offices and clients around the globe and over 40 years of service, we’re confident that our European clients will recognize IDFL’s excellence! Whether you’re located in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, or Europe as a whole, we invite you to visit our office or to give us a call at +41 52 765 1574 or send us an email at

IDFL Europe

Zürcherstrasse 282
CH-8500 Frauenfeld Switzerland

Tel/Fax: +41 52 765 1574
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