May 1

Recycled Down & Feathers – Global Labeling Requirements

Europe –

The EN system has NO requirement to label material differently if it is used. They assume that “other elements” account for used material and if there is greater than 15 % other elements — you must label that amount of other elements.

Therefore, if a 100% Recycled/Used down and feather material has 15% or less of other elements it would just be labeled the same as any other down label.

The term recycled or reprocessed material can be placed on inserts, packaging, and other sewn in labels.

Japan –

In Japan, they have started to promote using more recycled down products including both garments and bedding. There is not a specific law for recycled down at this moment but plans are scheduled for the future.

In the meantime labeling falls under Household Goods Quality Labeling Act and Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

  • Recycled down/used down must be labeled as Used or Recycled down.
  • It should not be mixed with original (new down), but if it is, needs to be labeled as such.
  • JDFA Bedding products do not allow recycled or used down at this time.

China –

According to the Chinese National Standard GB 18383-2007 – General Technical Requirements for Products with Filling Materials, Section 4. Recycled fibers (includes down & feathers) are not allowed.


Cannot be used in “New” bedding products.

Most States will allow it in bedding products, but special labeling and rules will apply. Most commonly used terms are “Secondhand” or “Used” material. Refer to each individual State law for labeling requirements and details. Recycled down & feathers are allowed to be used in filled garments. The term “Recycled” must be included as part of the filling label.

Canada –

Federal requirements: When down or any other fibre which is required to be shown by its generic name is a reclaimed fibre (recycled), the word “reclaimed”, “reprocessed” or “reused” must be shown immediately preceding the generic name. The term “Recycled” cannot be used according to the Competition Bureau Canada. Provincial requirements (Quebec): Only allowed to be used in filled jackets. A permanent label (Label Model 3 w/yellow background) must also be attached. Wording on label must state “reclaimed”. The term “recycled” is not allowed.

Australia / New Zealand –

Allowed in both bedding and garments. “Second Hand Filling” or “Recycled Fibre Filling” must be displayed to accurately convey the filling is not all new filling.

Korea –

Used/Recycled down & feathers may NOT be used in down and feather production.

Taiwan –

No rules against selling “Recycled” down products in both bedding and/or garments.

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