Audits & Certifications

Globalization has transformed the textile industry and created a need to certify the integrity, transparency and sustainability of textile production. Additionally, consumers want to know that any animals involved, such as geese and ducks, are treated ethically throughout the entire raising and food production process.

Since 1978, IDFL has been the global leader for quality assurance of filled textile products. In 2008, IDFL developed the first down and feather traceability audit system, and continues to be the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles.

IDFL conducts on-site visits and documentation reviews to verify supplier traceability and social, chemical, environmental and animal welfare. Click below to learn details about each of the certifications currently offered by IDFL.

Audit and Certification Process


Fill out the appropriate application form and submit it to the IDFL office you intend to work with. The Regional Audit Offices and associated Office Managers are listed below:

Application Review

After receiving your application, IDFL will review it and verify that all necessary information is included.

Quote and Agreement

IDFL will provide a quote for the certification services and issue an agreement. The client must review and sign the agreement before the audit can proceed.

Pre-Audit Documentation

IDFL will provide a document checklist and system plan via an online service account. Please take time to understand the standard requirements prior to the audit. Thorough preparation can save auditing time and reduce certification costs.

On-Site Evaluation

IDFL will audit the applicant's facilities, documents, and procedures according to the requirements of the standard.

Corrective Actions

Upon completion of the audit, a non-compliance report will be issued to the organization. Any required corrective actions must be completed within a specified time frame.

Award Certification

IDFL will grant the certification, which will be valid for the period of time specified by the standard.

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