IDFL Salt Lake

Salt Lake City has been IDFL's home since 1978 and a thriving hub for textiles in the USA. We operate our main laboratory and global client service facility from our headquarters that’s located 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is situated at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and boasts a world-renowned quality of life. 

Among the amazing, scenic landscapes and outdoor adventures, the city also has a bevy of wonderful attractions including water parks, zoos and gardens, and plenty of historical sites to visit paired with world-class culture, culinary delights education, and research facilities that are mere minutes from our headquarters.

IDFL Salt Lake has experienced staff, some of whom have worked for IDFL for several decades. Our staff is well-equipped at handling a variety of services and we provide everything from textiles USA testing, synthetic testing, natural fills testing, and more! Our team of professionals is highly qualified and certified. In 2008, IDFL successfully developed the first down and feather traceability audit system and certifies companies throughout the world. IDFL continues to be the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles.  

In particular, we’re proud to be able to serve Salt Lake City and all of North and South America. Among our staff’s expertise paired with excellent customer service, our headquarters also proudly boasts the title of being the largest down and feather testing laboratory in the world. This standard of commitment paired with our many global offices allows us to provide support for each of our worldwide locations as well as continue to provide textiles in the USA. 

From China to India, Europe, and more we’re able to work closely with trade authorities around the world. Our unique partnerships with global markets allow us to understand the different, often strict labeling standards they entail as well as the overall process for how products are sold and shipped directly to consumers.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area then you should drop by our headquarters or you can contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have!

IDFL Salt Lake

1455 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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