August 20

Why Should You Care About Ethical Sourcing of Feathers?

As a global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles,  IDFL puts in the time, energy, and resources to make sure that the filling that goes into your blankets, pillows, coats, etc., meet industry standards. We have the largest filled-textile laboratory in the world and offices spanning the globe from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Taipei, Taiwan. 

Our skills, knowledge, and foundational principles including ethical sourcing of feathers makes us a company you can trust to secure the future of your business. But why is that something you should care about? What does it matter if the feathers going into the clothes you wear and items you use are ethically sourced? 

For many generations, the world didn’t work in a way that was fair or kind to many people. Years passed and not too long ago—in our day and age—people started to realize a great deal of damage was being inflicted. The place we call home was ravaged, many species were endangered or extinct because of our cruel and insensitive treatment. Steps were put in place to clean up the oceans, be more responsible about waste and trash, and people started thinking less about themselves and more about environmental impacts.

So why should you care about ethical sourcing of feathers? Because it’s only right that the feathers used in the products you use come from birds that have been treated kindly and without abuse. We recognize in today’s world that profiting off of some other person or creature’s misfortune or cruel treatment isn’t a worthy profit at all. 

What Does Ethical Sourcing of Feathers Look Like?

Conscientious consumers asked and responsible businesses responded. Consumers wanted to know where the down feathers in the company products were coming from. So large companies such as Patagonia, The North Face, and others came together and created the standards for ethically sourced down. These include:

  • Traceability Measures
  • On-Site Audits at Parent Farms 
  • Conditions in Which Birds Live
  • Where the Birds are Killed

Live-plucking and force-feeding methods that were used in past years are not acceptable with today’s standards. Today’s birds are no longer raised specifically for their feathers. Many of the down feathers used in products today come from the geese and ducks raised on demand for Christmas feasts and dishes in various countries around the globe. 

How IDFL Makes Sure We’re Sourcing Feathers Ethically

At IDFL, we are committed to guaranteeing the quality of filled textile products as well as their raw material components. We work hard to ensure the companies and businesses we associate with offer products that are high-quality. In the more than forty years we’ve worked in the industry, we’ve built up a reputation for ourselves deeply ingrained and rooted in the following principles:

  • Experience
  • Accuracy
  • Accessibility
  • Efficiency 

You can trust our talented and skilled team to adhere to these principles in every interaction, transaction, and audit. Our goal is to make sure you as the consumer can trust the quality of the products you’re purchasing. Sourcing feathers ethically is one of the most important elements of that quality-assurance process. 

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