In 2006, the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) announced a label compliance program for down and feather bedding products sold or offered for sale in the USA.

Some confusion has arisen about the ADFC Compliance Program and the USA-2000 Labeling Standard. The following are frequently asked questions about the difference between the ADFC Program and the USA-2000 Standard:

  1. What is the USA-2000 Labeling Standard?

    The USA-2000 Standard is the official labeling standard for down and feather products sold in the USA. All down and feather products must use the rules of the USA-2000 Standard. The following organizations have reviewed and/or approved of the USA-2000 Standard: ASTM, IABFLO, FTC & ADFC.
  2. What is the ADFC Compliance Program?

    The ADFC Compliance Program is an industry self-enforcement program. The purpose of the program is to help enforce the USA-2000 Labeling Standards.
  3. What is the difference between USA-2000 and ADFC Compliance?

    The USA-2000 Standard is the official labeling standard for all products sold in the USA. The ADFC Compliance Program helps enforce adherence to the USA-2000 standard.
  4. Which standard should be followed?

    The USA-2000 Standard should always be followed. The ADFC program is NOT a labeling standard. The ADFC
    program helps manufacturers and retailers follow the USA-2000 Labeling Standards.
  5. Why is the USA-2000 Standard stricter than the ADFC Compliance Program?

    The ADFC Program is designed to discover major violations in labeling. Minor label violations are not reviewed by the ADFC. However, other government agencies may take action for minor violations.
  6. What happens if a product FAILS the ADFC Compliance Program?

    The ADFC will contact the manufacturer and/or retailer and request that either the product be re-labeled according to the USA-2000 Labeling Standard, or be removed from sale. If the manufacturer or retailer takes no action the ADFC will notify government and other organizations that the product does not meet the USA-2000 Labeling Standard. (Note: This is a very simplified explanation of the ADFC Compliance Program. Please contact the ADFC for a complete and detailed program information.)
  7. What happens if product passes the ADFC Compliance Program but fails the USA-2000 Standard?

    The ADFC will take no action. However, state government regulators can take action against products that do not meet the standard. For example, California is currently testing many down and feather products. California will use the USA- 2000 Labeling Standard to determine label compliance.

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