(Effective 1 April 2022)

Applicable Products: This standard applies to the garments produced with woven fabrics as the main fabric and down as the main filler. The other areas, such as zipper lines, pocket covers, hood, and collar can be filled with other fillings.
Product Classification: Lowest usable down label is 50%. Net Fill Weight of Finished products must be no less than -5.0% of claimed value. The apparel in this standard can be classified into three grades, (Superior, First Grade, and Passing). The classification depends on the fabric's quality and sewing workmanship. The down filling for these classifications does not change. The only difference is the sewing and fabric.

“White” Label: If the product is labeled white, colored down and feather shall be≤1.0%.

Sample Collection and Testing Method: All sample collection and testing methods are implemented according to the GB/T 14272-2021 standards.

Labels: The product label should clearly indicate the specifications, type of product, filling (down cluster, species), net fill weight, production date, factory name, etc. the feather portion is unnecessary to list.

Cleanliness Requirements
Oxygen ...... ≤ 5.6mg/100g
Turbidity...... ≥ 500mm
Oil & Fat..... ≤ 1.2%
Moisture ...... Not Required
Odor Test..... Must be Qualified

APnEO Requiremen
NP + OP <10mg/kg
NP + OP + NPnEO + OPnEO<100mg/kg
(Note: n = 2~16)

Garment label Example: Standard: GB/T14272-2021

Product name: Down Jacket

Brand: X

Style no.: A1234 Size: L

Size designation: 180/100A

Executive standard: GB 18401-2010, Type X

Composition: Shell: 100% Nylon

                      Lining: 100% Nylon 

                      Filling: White duck down (Down Cluster: 90%)

                      Net fill weight: 250g

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