The following are used by retailers or consumers to determine if a product meets buyer specifications and government regulations and to compare with other similar products.

  1. Descriptions of Composition
    1. Percentage of Down vs. Feathers
    2. Species of material (Duck, Goose or Landfowl)
    3. Color of material (White or Grey)
    4. Country of Origin (Hungarian, Canadian, etc)
  2. Descriptions for insulation value
    1. Fill Power
    2. TOG, CLO, and other warmth/insulation ratings
    3. Maximum cold temperature rating systems
  3. Descriptions for cleanliness
    1. Minimum cleanliness requirements
    2. Requirements for special labels such as hypo-allergenic or “super-clean”
    3. Anti-allergy fabrics or treatments.
    4. Dust Evaluation
  4. Downproofness of Fabric
    1. Air Permeability.
    2. Physical Downproof Test
    3. Threadcount.
  5. Filling Weight
    1. Total Filling weight
    2. Filling weight per square yard.
    3. Down Distribution among panels.
  6. Effects of Product Construction
    1. Fabric types
    2. Fabric weight
    3. Panel design
    4. Stitching and other construction details
  7. Comparing Down and Non-Down Products
    1. Comparison of Down vs. Other Natural Fills
    2. Comparison of Down vs. Synthetic Fills

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