Down is a unique and amazing product. Down is the insulation for millions of birds that spend their lives in high altitude, frigid, windy, dry or wet, arctic conditions.

IDFB, IDFL, and others are beginning to evaluate various “quality factors” which help transmit the message that down is still the world’s best insulation material for bedding and outerwear.

  1. Unique General Properties of Down and Feathers
    1. Resiliency after compression and washing/cleaning
    2. Life span of down and feathers
  2. Quality Descriptions for Insulation Value
    1. Fill Power
    2. TOG, CLO, and other ratings
    3. Cold temperature rating systems
  3. Quality Descriptions for Cleanliness
    1. Minimum cleanliness requirements
    2. Requirements for hypo-allergenic or “extra-clean” labels
    3. Allergies, etc. (combating the myths and untruths of the synthetic industry)
  4. Quality Comparisons of Content type
    1. Down content percent affect on Fill Power, etc.
    2. White vs. Dark down
    3. Effect of high fiber, etc.
  5. Quality Comparison of Species
    1. Duck vs Goose (affect on fill power and other indices)
    2. Landfowl vs. Waterfowl
  6. Effect on Quality of Product Construction
    1. Fabric types
    2. Fabric weight
    3. Panel design
    4. Stitching and other construction details
  7. Comparing Quality Factors of Down and Non-Down Products
    1. Comparison of Down vs. Other Natural fills
    2. Comparison of Down vs. Synthetic Fills
    3. Combating myths spread by non-down suppliers

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