Is Goose really better than Duck?

This basic question is not easy to answer.

  • Some duck down is superior quality, while some goose can be very poor quality.
  • Goose down clusters are generally larger than duck clusters.
  • Goose down clusters are usually from older, larger birds, because of this goose down tends to be more resilient and longer lasting than duck down.
  • Duck down tends to have more odor problems than goose down.Goose down has a much more valuable marketing image compared with duck down.

Does Goose have higher fill power?

The chart below shows that for the same down cluster %, goose will generally have a higher fill power than duck.


Goose generally tends to be a better product compared with duck.

However, a superb duck down can be much better than a mediocre goose down. It is important to test all of the attributes of a material before making a generalized buying decision.

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