Korean Labeling Standards for Down & Feather Products

Source: New KS K 2620: 2014 (Confirmed in 2019)

Testing Methods
Korea uses the IDFB Testing Regulations.

Specie Goose
Species is required according to KS K 2620. However, labeling species is not required. No Duck requirements. If species is labeled Goose then the requirement is Goose ≥80%. Unidentified is not included in calculations. Landfowl is included and reported with Species.
Color Evaluation
A color evaluation is required to claim white down. The maximum dark color allowed in white filling is 1.0%.
Cleanliness Requirements
Oxygen ...... Maximum 10
Turbidity...... Minimum 300 mm
Oil & Fat..... Maximum 1.5%
Moisture Content...... Max 15%
Odor Test..... Filling material must PASS as Satisfactory.

Fill Power
Steam conditioning method. Japanese Steel or Acrylic cylinders. Fill Height uses the 120g plate for mm/30g results. Fill Power uses the 94.3g plate for cm3/30g results. Must meet one of the two quality requirements.

• Label must include the following:

 a)Type of down and feathers b)Composition c)Net weight (kg) d)Classification of product e)Manufacturer f)Production Year g)Importer (only for imported products) h)Address and phone number (including area code) i)Country of Manufacture

 • Used/recycled down and feathers may not be used in down and feather production

 • All Testing and Collection of sample must be carried out according to KS K 0820:2014

• For normative references, unless an older method is stated, it is assumed that the newest version of Testing methods and labeling standards is used

• Categories of down and feathers:

 a) White duck down and feather b) Grey duck down and feather c) White goose down and feather d) Grey goose down and feather

Labeling Examples for Filling:

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