Source: New KS K 2620: 2014 (Confirmed in 2019)

Testing Methods
Korea uses the IDFB Testing Regulations.

Specie Goose
Species is required according to KS K 2620. However, labeling species is not required. No duck requirements. If the species is labeled goose then the requirement is Goose ≥80%. Unidentified is not included in calculations. Landfowl is included and reported with species.

Color Evaluation
A color evaluation is required to claim white down. The maximum dark color allowed in the white filling is 1.0%.

Cleanliness Requirements
Oxygen: Maximum 10
Turbidity: Minimum 300 mm
Oil & Fat: Maximum 1.5%
Moisture Content: Max 15%
Odor Test: Filling material must PASS as Satisfactory.

Fill Power
Steam conditioning method. Japanese Steel or Acrylic cylinders. Fill Height uses the 120g plate for mm/30g results. Fill Power uses the 94.3g plate for cm3/30g results. Must meet one of the two quality requirements.

The label must include the following:

     a) Type of down and feathers 

     b) Composition

     c) Net weight (kg)

     d) Classification of product 

     e) Manufacturer

     f) Production Year

     g) Importer (only for imported products)

     h) Address and phone number (including area code)

     i) Country of Manufacture

• Used/recycled down and feathers may not be used in down and feather production

• All Testing and Collection of samples must be carried out according to KS K 0820:2014

• For normative references, unless an older method is stated, it is assumed that the newest version of Testing methods and labeling        standards is used

• Categories of down and feathers:

     a) White duck down and feather 

     b) Grey duck down and feather

     c) White goose down and feather

     d) Grey goose down and feather

Labeling Examples for Filling:

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