While IDFL Institute specializes in down testing, we also test products filled with many different natural and synthetic materials.

IDFL can perform the following tests on natural and synthetic filled products. (These include polyester, cotton, silk, wool and other natural and synthetic fillings.)

1. Fiber Identification of Filling:
Test to determine the type of filling material (cotton, type of synthetic, silk, wool, mix of materials, etc)

2. Fill Power (Lofting)
Determines the volume of fill material per one ounce (USA) or 30g (Europe/Japan/IDFB). Material is placed in a conditioning box for 72 hours and then tested in a fill power cylinder.

3. Net Fill Weight of Fill Material
Determine exact weight in grams and ounces of filling material.

4. Fill-Proofness of Fabric
Test fabric to determine leakage, and protrusion of filling material through fabric shell. A physical agitation/tumbling test of fabric with fill material is performed.

5. Air Permeability of Fabric
This test is used to help in determining Fill-Proofness of Fabric.

6. Threadcount of Fabric
Determine threadcount of fabric shells.

7. Cleanliness of Fill Material
The fill material will be rinsed with very clean water. The water will be analyzed to determine dust, residue or organic material that might render the fill material less than clean.

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