1. Sample Preparation
       a)  Place 10 g of a feather/down sample into a 1-liter jar.
       b)  Add100mlofdistilledwater.
       c)  Tightenthelidofthejar.
       d)  Shake well to make sure that the plumage absorbs water.
  2. Testing Procedure
       a)  Place the jar in an oven at 40°C for 24 hours.
       b)  Open the jar and evaluate for odor as per the IDFL Odor Evaluation form; rate as follows:

           1. Extreme or Raw Plumage Odor or Extreme Non-Plumage Odor
           2. Unacceptable Plumage Odor or Unacceptable Non-Plumage Odor\
           3. Stronger than Normal Plumage Odor
           4. Normal Plumage Odor
           5. Almost No OdorReport Results

       c) 5 individuals should separately evaluate odor as per 2.b.
  3. Report
       a) Average the rating of the 5 individuals and report the results as follows: Example --- Lab Odor Rating = 4 Pass (Normal Plumage Odor)

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