1. Obtain a Sterilization Permit Number. (PERMIT NO.)

A Permit No. is required for all companies who plan to sell in the USA. Contact IDFL for an inspection of your down and feather processing plant. After completing the inspection IDFL will forward your application with payment to the State of Pennsylvania (PA). The State of PA will issue you a 4-digit Permit No. in this format: Permit No. PA-xxxx (Country/State). The actual license will be mailed to you when made available. Your Permit Number can then be added to the law tag label. This permit number can be used in all states; however, you must apply for a sterilization license in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and any other state that requires it.

2. Obtain a State Uniform Registration Number. (REG. NO.)

Registration is necessary for selling products in 14 of the 50 US States. A "Uniform" number (one that can be used in all states) can be obtained from any of the 14 states that issue numbers. IDFL can assist you with your application to obtain this number. We will obtain your uniform number from the State of Utah, as we can receive this number fairly quickly. This uniform number can then be used on law tag labels in all 50 states. (However, you must still register with each of the 14 individual states that require registration if selling in those states.)

3. Register with each state where your products will be sold.

In the USA, 14 of the 50 states require that your company registers with them before selling products. You may use your initial State Uniform Registration Number when applying for registration in all other states.

*Yearly renewal fees apply for both Per. No. and Reg. No. (See individual States for details.)

The International Products Sleep Association (ISPA) offers a detailed manual that can help you with the registration process. The manual can be purchased at

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