IDFL is the Industry Leader

If testing is required, the most cost-effective testing is accurate testing. IDFL is known for the most accurate results in the industry. Every sample is double tested and carefully analyzed. IDFL is known for honesty in resolving disputes, questions or inquiries.

Cost of Testing vs. Product Failure

The cost of accurate, quality testing is not cheap. However, the cost of NO TESTING or inaccurate testing can be enormous and have a long-term effect on your company.

Claims and penalties for products not meeting specifications can be very high. The famous quotation in the construction industry “measure twice – cut once.” applies to down and feather testing. “Test twice and deliver once.”

Tips for Saving Money when Testing

  • When you submit your samples, make sure that the form is filled out correctly. If the form is filled out correctly we will be able to process your order quicker, and you will avoid costs of report re-issues and time delays.
  • Use the test packages. The packages are 20%+ discounted from the costs of the individual tests.
  • Join your local associations. We offer discounts to CFDIA (China), ASSIOPIUMI (Italy), the Taiwan Association, and others.
  • Pay in advance. IDFL offers a 4% discount on payments sent with samples.
  • Send samples normal delivery and ask for IDFL rush service. (Often IDFL’s rush service is lower than the courier/shipper charge for overnight delivery.)
  • Pay on time. IDFL charges a 1.5% late fee if payment is late.
  • Ask about volume discounts. (Beginning with 20 samples per year, IDFL offers discounts.)

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