Sleeping bags (whether down or synthetic filled) have a unique set of testing requirements. IDFL can help evaluate the performance of the bag and the filling materials.
The following are groups of tests that should be considered when evaluating sleeping bags.

Temperature Rating

ISO 23537
This is the European standard for Temperature Rating.

ASTM F1720
This method gives a CLO value that can be used to predict temperature rating.

Net Fill Weight

Total Net
The total weight of the filling material is very important to performance.

Panel Detail
Net fill by a panel will give separate weights for each section of the sleeping bag. A schematic drawing of the bag will be reported with each panel weight listed.

Down (or) Fill-proofness of Fabric (Leakage or migration of Fill Material)

Air Perm
This describes breathability of the fabric and helps determine down/fill-proofness.

A physical tumbling of the fabric filled with down/feathers can determine downproofness.

Composition of Synthetic & other non-down Filling

Fiber ID
The Filling Fibers are identified via a chemical or microscopic test.

Composition of Down & Feather

Content ID
Percentage of down vs. feathers & other components. It is used to determine the label.

Specie Id
Specie should be tested especially if the label is “GOOSE.”

Color Sep
Normally white down is used for light fabrics & grey down is used for dark fabrics.

Cleanliness of Filling (Both Down & other Fill Materials)

Oxygen determines amount of organic material on the surface of feathers & down. Oxygen should be 10 or less (4.8 or less if the material is labeled “hypoallergenic”).

General cleanliness especially dust is measured by turbidity.

Odor Test
Evaluation of product and packing materials to determine the origin of bad odors in sleeping bags.

Evaluation of the cause of stains on white or pastel sleeping bags.

EN Test
Microbiological analysis of filling material gives optional detail on cleanliness.

Fill Power (Lofting) - Normally for Down but can be modified for synthetics)

Tumble Dry
The worldwide standard for fill power is the “Tumble Dry Conditioning method.”

Because tumble drying does not always give the original or “potential” sleeping bag fill power recommends either Steam or Water Rinse Conditioning for jackets and vests.

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