1. Introduction

The fill power of down and feathers may drop after long-term storage, compressed shipment, and assembly into finished products.

Steam conditioning has proven effective in returning fill power to the original value found in the down just after processing (washing, drying, and sorting). This method simulates the positive effects on fill power that occur after normal consumer use and cleaning of down and feather products.

The Japan Revised Method helps resolve some cases where fill power is higher after steam conditioning than the original value.

2. Equipment

2.1 Portable steam machine (example machine: Kärcher K1201 sold in Japan, USA).

2.2 Hair dryer.

2.3 Fill power conditioning box.

3. Conditioning Procedure 

3.1 Place 35g of down and feather in the fill power conditioning box. Down and feathers should be loose (not clumped or matted).

3.2 Use the hair dryer to dry down and feathers for 30 seconds on each side of the conditioning box (2 minutes total drying).

3.3 Use the portable steam machine to blow steam into the conditioning box for 40 seconds (10 seconds on each side).

3.4 Leave the sample in anormal room climate (not conditioned climate) for 3-10 minutes.

3.5 Use the hair dryer to dry down and feathers completely for 3 minutes (30 seconds on each side –then 15 seconds on each side).        (Down and feathers must be completely dry.)

3.6 Leave the sample in a normal room climate (not a conditioned climate) for 24 hours.

3.7 Use the hair dryer to dry down and feathers again for 2 minutes, (30 seconds on each side).

3.8 Leave the sample in a climate-conditioned room for 5 hours.

4. Measure Fill Power

Measure as per the IDFB, EN, USA, or JIS procedure.

Note IDFL: For control purposes, it is always recommended to perform a filling force measurement with and without steam conditioning.

Original Sources: QTECH Laboratory, Japan and Japan Down Products Corporative Association.

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