BULK DOWN - Washed in USA, Shipped to China

30 samples of bulk down claiming to be 700 Fill Power were tested under the following conditions:

  1. The down was washed, dried, and sorted in a USA down factory.
  2. The USA factory tested fill power immediately in its own lab (72-hour Box Conditioning).
  3. The USA down factory immediately sent a sample to IDFL.
  4. IDFL tested the sample using Tumble Dry Conditioning.
  5. The USA down factory sent bulk down to a Chinese garment manufacturer.
  6. The Chinese garment manufacturer sent a sample of the bulk down to IDFL USA for testing.
  7. IDFL tested the sample from China using both Tumble Dry and Steam Conditioning.


  1. Washed in the USA, and tested immediately in factory.
  2. Sent to IDFL for testing.
  3. Down packed and shipped to China for assembly.
  4. Sample sent from China to IDFL for testing.

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