IDFL performs many textile tests critical in the down and feather industry at our laboratory in Salt Lake City. If we can’t perform it at our lab we will forward it to our partner textile lab for you.

The textile tests we perform in Salt Lake City include:

  • Thread Count (ASTM D3775)
    Determines the number of threads per square unit area (Threads per square inch).
  • Air Permeability (ASTM D737)
    Determines the amount of air that can pass through a fabric (ft3/ft2/min) [Frazier Number].
  • Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) (AATCC 135)
    Determines the amount of shrinkage (or growth) of a fabric after laundering.
  • Size Check (ASTM D4721)
    Measure the size of a finished product (length and width).
  • Downproofness (Fed. Std. 191-5530, modified)
    Determines the amount of down/feather material that can pass through a fabric. This test simulates the use of a finished product.
  • Colorfastness to Crocking (AATCC8)
    Determines color fastness to rubbing (transfer of color from rubbing).
  • Fabric Flaws (ASTM D3990) Examine fabric for fabric flaws.
  • Stitching (Internal IDFL test)
    Determines the number of stitches per unit length (Stitches per inch).
  • Yarn Size (ASTM D1059)
    Determines the average size of a yarn (Cotton Count or Denier).
  • Fabric Weight (ASTM D3776)
    Determines the mass of a fabric per area (e.g. oz/yd2).
  • Fiber Analysis (AATCC 20)
    Qualitative identification of fibers in a fabric (e.g. cotton or synthetic).

    *Please send at least 1 square meter of fabric for testing.

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