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Benefits and Values

Ensure Ethical


Modern customers want ethically sourced materials, IDFL certifications give your buyers confidence when buying.

Guarantee Material

With 12 global locations stocked with top of the line auditing equipment we can help ensure your products meet modern standards and are of high quality.

Determine Product

Customers want to know the country of origin of their products. We trace filling materials to confirm the location of sourcing.

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What We Do

IDFL completes onsite audits that enable brands to maintain the highest level of product integrity and certifications.
IDFL has worldwide locations and a team close to your facility ready to help.

Certifications are evidence of your company’s sustainability and quality resulting in an increase of buyer confidence.

Why Choose IDFL

Cost Effective
Faster Certifications
10+ year of experience auditing supply chains
Global Locations
Better Direct Communication
One-Stop-Shop for Testing and Certifications 

Meet Our Team

Jacob Wadsworth

North America Operations Manager

Mieg Outsen

North America Audit and Certification Manager

Joey Chow


audit coordinator

Certification Process

Step 1

Talk with our experts to submit an application

Step 2

Sign an agreement and receive access to IDFL Client Portal

Step 3

Upload required documentation

Step 5

Revise any corrective actions noted by the auditor

step 4

Complete an onsite evaluation

step 6

Receive your certificate

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