Customs Requirements

Sending Samples to the USA for Testing

Taking the following steps will avoid shipping delays and increase the likelihood of your samples clearing customs.

Include a signed, original document that corresponds to the shipment (including the invoice number, shipping marks, lot number or other identifier) and contains the following statements:

  • "The exported materials bear samples of feather/down taken from or destined to be finished jackets, pillows or other down filled products."
  • "The material is clean, dry and free from blood, skin and manure. The material was subjected to a heat treatment of 120°C for 30 minutes prior to export."

A copy of the 2023-24 IDFL Veterinary Research Permit should also be included.

If all of these documents are included, a veterinary health certificate is not needed with the sample.


Bulk down: If you are sending bulk down, package the material in a sewn cloth pillow and write on the sample, "Down Sample for Research from Finished Product."

Finished product: If you are sending a finished product, write, "Sample for Testing" on the product or packaging and state on the customs form that the product is a finished product.

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