IDFL Down Standard


The aim of the IDFL Down Standard (IDS) is to verify that down and feather products are ethically sourced. It allows processors, trade companies and manufacturers to demonstrate their ability to provide ethically produced materials and helps retailers and brands confirm their suppliers are producing materials ethically.


IDS must begin at the raising farm or the parent farm, and is appropriate for both industrial supply chains and collector-based supply chains. While IDS is a supplier certification, traceability verification for specific purchase orders or products can be completed separately and is recommended for best practices.

Applicants may choose the types of products they intend to have audited. Companies such as down processors and trade companies that deal with bulk materials often choose white and/or grey down and feathers from ducks and/or geese. Companies such as manufacturers and brand names that deal in final products frequently select apparel and home textile products. Other products may include any non-textile use of down and feathers in a consumer product.


IDS combines the most frequently requested IDFL Traceability Audit System options in one complete standard. The IDS maintains the following fixed set of requirements for each link in the supply chain:

  • General operations
  • Traceability
  • No live-plucking
  • No force-feeding
  • Animal welfare
  • Basic human welfare
  • Corporate responsibility

Additional Resources

  • The IDS application for is available here.
  • For questions about the application process, contact the office based on your location here.

Audit & Certification Process