The Japan Bedding Goods Association (JBA) has organized the JBA Traceability Audit System (J-TAS) to identify the origin of down and feathers. Brands and manufacturers within Japan should attach a label displaying the country of origin to their bedding products.

The aim of the J-TAS is to create a traceability audit system that (1) enables traceability from end products to the origin of the down and feathers, (2) promises consumers reliability when purchasing down and feather bedding goods and (3) contributes to JBA members, related organizations and the vitalization of the industry.


Receiving J-TAS approval requires completing the following process:

  • Admission to the J-TAS Association: The application can be completed online at this link. The J-TAS is only applicable to bedding manufacturers and other entities involved in the sourcing and processing of virgin down and feathers.

    • Outside of Japan, J-TAS may be applied to procurement traders of raw materials or down and feather processors.

    • Within Japan, J-TAS may be applied to importers, producers of down and feather products, or labelers.

  • Certification: After establishing membership in the J-TAS Association, an audit according to J-TAS standards must be conducted. IDFL is the only organization authorized to preform J-TAS audits for entities outside of Japan, and will conduct the audit according to the process outlined below this table.

Confirmation: Once certification is completed, the applicant company will forward the certificate and audit report to the J-TAS association for final review and confirmation. After receiving final approval, the applicant will be added to the list of J-TAS approved companies.

Additional Resources

  • The IDFL J-TAS application form (to be submitted after acceptance into the J-TAS Association) is available here.
  • For questions about the application process, contact the office based on your location here.

Audit & Certification Process