Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS)


The aim of the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) is to address the welfare of mohair and the land they graze on. The objectives of the standard are to (1) provide the industry with a tool to recognize farmer's best practices, (2) ensure wool comes from farms with responsible land management and (3) practice holistic respect for the animal welfare of the sheep.


RMS has two different scopes, one for farms and another for supply chain companies. IDFL performs RMS certifications for supply chain companies only, including any processing, manufacturing or textile companies.


The RMS requires all sites from farms through the final business to business seller to be certified. Farms are certified according to animal welfare, land management and social modules. All other stages of the supply chain are certified according to Content Claim Standard requirements.

Additional Resources

  • The RMS application form is available here.
  • For questions about the application process, contact the office based on your location here.
  • Visit for more information on the Responsible Mohair Standard or click here for a directory of all RMS certified companies.

Audit & Certification Process