ZDHC Verified InCheck


A ZDHC Performance InCheck Report is based on the chemical inventory as uploaded by a supplier via a third party solution provider platform approved by ZDHC. The quality of the Performance InCheck Report depends on the accuracy and completeness of the chemical inventory uploaded by the supplier. The inventory uploaded by a supplier and used to
generate a Performance InCheck Report is not reviewed, approved, checked, verified, or evaluated by ZDHC or any third party.


The objective of a Verified InCheck – Level 1 is to:

  • Review the overall completeness and accuracy of the chemical products in a supplier's chemical inventory with those published in the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module. 
  • Enhance confidence in the Performance InCheck Reports generated by a supplier. With these Guidelines, ZDHC is clarifying terminology in connection with the evolution of the range of InCheck Solutions.


The objective of a Verified InCheck – Level 1 is:

  • Supplier generates three Performance InCheck Reports3 for each of the three consecutive months, or each of the previous four quarters before the process begins.
  • Supplier contacts and appoints a ZDHC-approved verifier listed on the Implementation HUB.
  • The approved verifier announces an onsite visit to the supplier and conducts the review according to the process outlined in this document.
  • The approved verifier completes the review process and prepares the Verified InCheck – Level 1 Findings document.
  • Supplier logs into ZDHC Gateway account and confirms using the check mark for Verified InCheck – Level 1 in the profile page. In this way, a brand connected in the ZDHC Gateway to the supplier can see a check mark in the supplier’s profile.

Additional Resources

  • The ZDHC Verified InCheck application form is available here.
  • For questions about the application process, contact the office based on your location here.

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