Sterilization Permits

Sterilization Permit Number

Globally, natural fill materials are required to be sterilized as part of the washing and drying process. This helps guarantee materials are free from bacteria and other contaminants.

In many locations, a sterilization permit must be obtained before fill materials can be sold. IDFL's comprehensive sterilization program includes the following:

  • Site inspection of the sterilization operation
  • Initial applications for permits in all states that require it
  • Annual notification and renewal of permits
  • Re-inspection of the sterilization operation, every three years as required

Sterilization Inspection Program

Application: Send the Sterilization Request Form to IDFL at IDFL will review the request and send back a questionnaire about the sterilization process. After receiving the completed questionnaire, IDFL will verify factory compliance and schedule an on-site factory inspection.

Factory Inspection: All operations of the sterilization factory will be inspected, including reviews of the following:

  • Incoming materials storage
  • Processing operations including sorting, washing, drying and blending
  • Sterilization methods
  • Storage procedures
  • Any additional cleanliness processes

Regulatory Office Review: IDFL will submit the completed inspection report and application to the appropriate regulatory office. A sterilization permit will be issued, which will then be used to apply to other states that require it.

Permit Renewal: When it is time to renew your permit, IDFL will reach out and assist with each state's yearly permit renewal.

Re-inspection: The sterilization inspection is valid for three years. A re-inspection is required at that time, or any time equipment is added, changed, or relocated. IDFL will submit a renewal inspection report to the appropriate regulatory office and continue the permit renewal process.

Pennsylvania (PA) Secondhand Disinfection Permit

The Pennsylvania (PA) Secondhand Disinfection Permit identifies the location of recycled mattress disinfection. Each location must have its own permit number. This permit is required by Pennsylvania to sell, resell, or rent to the public, along with requiring the correct disinfection tags on each recycled mattress.

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