Training & Consulting

IDFL offers training and consulting services to help clients navigate the filled textile quality assurance industry.

Training Services

IDFL offers multiple different training programs. An outline of each is included below:

Introduction to Quality Assurance, Testing and Labeling
Scope: 2-day overview, intended for non-laboratory staff.

Intensive Overview of Basic and Advanced Testing
Scope: 2-day overview, intended for lab managers and experienced analysts.

Basic Hands-on Training
Scope: 3-day detailed course, intended for beginning lab analysts.
Topics: The basic training course will cover content analysis, species and fill power tests in detail. An introduction to oxygen, turbidity and other tests will also be given.

Advanced Hands-on Training
Scope: 3-day detailed course, intended for lab analysts.
Topics: The advanced training course will cover fat and oil, oxygen, turbidity and fabric tests.

The price listed for each training program is for one person. There is a surcharge of 25% of the listed price per additional person.

Training programs may be conducted either at an IDFL location or at your facilities. Contact the office based on your location here, that you would like to work with to schedule a training program. If you prefer to hold the training at your facilities, ask for a specific on-site quotation as this will include additional travel and lodging charges.

Consulting Services

IDFL also offers personalized consulting services.

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