Tumble Dry Conditioning of Samples before Fill Power Testing

(Addition to IDFB Fill Power Method - Approved June 1999)

(Corrected 2001, Final Approval June 2002 - Final Written method June 2004.)

1. Introduction

The fill power of down and feathers may drop after long-term storage, compressed shipment, and assembly into finished products.

The following method can be used to condition samples of down and feathers.
This method is similar to the positive effects on fill power that occur after normal consumer use and cleaning of down and feather products.

After tumble dry conditioning, an increase in the fill power of compressed bales and finished products often occurs. Increases are rare in loosely bagged down.

2. Equipment

2.1  A tumble dryer that is capable of controlling the temperature for 30 minutes at 50o - 70oC.
2.2  A small cotton bag that can be sewn shut or closed tightly with a zipper. (50cm x 60cm).
2.3  A slightly damp cloth.
2.4  A fill power conditioning box.

3. Procedure

3.1 Remove down and feather from bag and place in conditioning box.
3.2 Continue to condition for 72 hours in conditioning box as per normal IDFB procedure.
3.3 Place 50g of down and feather in the cotton bag.
3.4 Place bag of down and damp cloth in tumble dryer for 30 minutes at 50o - 70oC

**Note: As a control, it is always wise to test fill power using the Official STEAM method of conditioning.

Source: IDFL Internal Testing Methods

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